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Addicted 2 Asana is dedicated to turning your love of stand up paddle board yoga into a thriving business. 

Whether you are a current SUP yoga business looking to move to the next level, an instructor struggling to make your passion profitable, or just a yogi interested moving your practice (and students) from the mat to the water, A2A is the ultimate resource to make it happen.

With online SUP business training, SUP yoga teacher certification, and custom designed yoga boards, A2A takes the hassle out of running your own SUP yoga business and lets you get back to doing what you love to do the most: teaching. 


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SUP Yoga Teacher Training Manual


A2A's comprehensive new book is here with all the information you need to start teaching your own safe and successful SUP yoga classes! Available in digital or print.  


A2A Online Training


A2A offers complete online programs to help you jumpstart your SUP yoga season with a competitive edge. 

  • Have you started your own SUP yoga classes?

  • Have you finished a SUP yoga teacher training but are wondering how to make the classes happen?

  • Have you started teaching classes and are wondering where all of your students are?

  • Are you struggling to actually make a profit with your SUP yoga classes?

  • Are you scared about making a big investment (SUP boards are expensive!) for what was supposed to be a summer gig?

  • Are you a current yoga teacher, but interested in getting certified to teach SUP yoga?

A2A has you covered with our comprehensive training courses and services

Online SUP Business Training

If you are a yoga teacher who has completed a training in SUP yoga and you are ready to hit the water, then this is the program for you. Not sure where to start? We offer guidance, financial templates, and personalized coaching sessions. Our SUP Business Program is informed from our personal experience running and teaching successful SUP yoga businesses, and provides you with all of the information you need to avoid common mistakes and succeed in the SUP yoga market.

  • Not sure if you should buy boards or borrow them? 
  • Which boards should you buy? Does it really matter?
  • How do you make such a large investment and then turn a profit?
  • How do you give your students the best experience on the water so they come back and bring their friends too?
  • How should you schedule your classes, take reservations, and do you have insurance?

If these questions resonate with you, or if you haven’t even thought about them yet, then you will benefit from the A2A SUP yoga program planner and coaching. 

A2A has developed a method with templates and spreadsheets to help you plan out your season both programmatically and financially. It’s a must use for every yogi that wants to have a thriving SUP yoga business.


Online SUP Yoga Teacher Training

If you are a registered yoga teacher and want to take your love of yoga, water, and the outdoors to the next level, the Addicted 2 Asana Online SUP Teacher Training certification course is everything you need to teach safe, fun, and exciting stand up paddle board yoga classes to all levels of students.

If you have ever practiced on a paddle board then you understand that there are some fundamental differences between yoga on a sticky mat and yoga on a floating board. Combined with our book "Get Your Asana on the Water: The Complete Guide to Teaching SUP Yoga", the A2A certification course teaches you the tools you need to be an amazing SUP yoga instructor.   

In the certification course you will learn :

  • Water safety and how to choose a location

  • How to pick the right board for yourself and your students

  • How to prepare for a class

  • What's different about yoga on the water

  • Fundamental SUP yoga poses and modifications

  • How to adapt your classes for different ability levels and the weather

  • Effective communication techniques and how to get students coming back

  • Plus much more...

Our Boards


The Addicted 2 Asana Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser Inflatable SUP

Whether you are rocking a downward facing dog, feeling the burn in a Parivrtta Utkatasana, or just cruising the waters and enjoying the view, the A2A Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser inflatable stand up paddle board offers ultra stability but doesn’t sacrifice on cruising ability. It also has a handy strap to stash your paddle during a yoga sesh or snorkeling adventure.

Our SUP Yoga Teacher's Bundle includes 6 Kariyushi Yoga Cruisers, along with leashes, pumps, durable light-weight paddles, and carrying bags. Perfect for outfitting your fleet for the season. 

New design for 2018!

Our new boards are here!


About A2A

A2A Lead Instructors

A2A Lead Instructors


Addicted 2 Asana was founded on the belief that most yoga teachers are drawn to SUP yoga because they enjoy the practice, not because they enjoy the business and marketing aspect of it.  

A2A is a complete SUP resource that provides current and prospective SUP yoga instructors with the training, support, and equipment they need to run a successful and thriving SUP yoga business.  

A2A is a member of the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association

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