Kariyushi Inflatable Yoga SUP

Kariyushi Inflatable Yoga SUP

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The Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser is designed to provide the ultimate outdoor fitness experience. This SUP is wide and stable, enabling a level of balance not typically found in other boards. It features a large croc-skin deck pad with superior traction and comfort for yoga and when paddling on your knees in windy conditions. The Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser iSUP also features an integrated paddle holder on the side of the board. The paddle holder is great for yoga and snorkeling adventures as you don’t have to worry about losing your paddle while out having fun. This board has a single, removable fin system and features a reinforced US fin box. Yes, this inflatable has a durable interchangeable fin system. That means, you can take your favorite fin from your hardboard and use it in your inflatable. Comes standard with a 9″ dolphin fin, but can be changed out to your hearts desire. The included dual action high pressure pump easily inflates the board to a firm 15 psi.

Kariyushi: An Okinawan term for happy, auspicious, propitious, joyous, lucky. We love all of these words and this is exactly how we feel when we think back to our time on a SUP in Okinawa.

Product Dimensions: 11′ x 32″ x 6″

Each Kit includes: Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser iSUP, 1 x 9″ dolphin fin, durable light-weight 3-piece fiberglass paddle, 10′ coil leash, backpack, and dual action high pressure SUP pump

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New features for our 2018 boards 

A2A's boards for the 2018 season will feature several tweaks and improvements to the 2017 Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser design including:

  • An updated design with a new more vibrant blue color, as well as a stylish stripe around the rails of the board.

  • An even larger croc skin deck pad, combined with moving the rigging further back to allow for 6 more inches of usable surface area. Perfect for taller yogis.

  • The inflation valve has moved to the nose of the board allowing for more compact storage.

  • Larger D-rings for easier, secure attachment of your leash, tow rope, and other gear.

  • An additional leash hook-up to the side of the board for less obstructed movement during asana.

  • Carry bags now have roller wheels for easier transport.

The perfect board to outfit your SUP yoga business

Get five of our premium quality A2A Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser inflatable boards in a package deal for your business.

These boards are the perfect inflatable SUPs to use as your SUP fleet for the summer (or year-round depending on your local weather). They are sturdy, stable boards with large croc-skin EVA deck pads suitable for all skill and experience levels. 

The Kariyushi Yoga Cruiser features an integrated paddle holder, interchangeable fin system, and additional leash hook-up to the side of the board so that your students can stay leashed and safe on the water while practicing yoga, without the cord getting in the way of their practice.