SUP Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Get Your Asana on the Water:

A Complete Guide to Teaching SUP Yoga

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Get Your Asana on the Water: The Complete Guide to Teaching SUP Yoga is a comprehensive manual for teaching and practicing yoga on a standup paddle board. Everything you need to know from buying equipment, to giving appropriate verbal cues, and providing your students with a successful experience on the water.

Use the manual as a stand alone resource, as a foundational component of our innovative online SUP yoga teacher certification program: The Essentials of Teaching SUP Yoga. Both digital and print versions of Get Your Asana on the Water come included with the course.  


Available now in both digital and print versions.

Water + Yoga = Amazing

Bringing your yoga practice to the water takes everything to a whole different level. Get Your Asana on the Water provides yoga teachers with all the information they need to teach fun, safe, and effective yoga on a SUP.

With step-by-step instructions on poses, setting up a class, water safety, and judging weather conditions, Get Your Asana on the Water is a one stop shop for those looking to take their teaching or personal practice out on the water.   

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Conceived and developed on the beautiful oceans of Okinawa Japan, Get Your Asana on the Water is the definitive guide to teaching yoga on a stand up paddle board. Whether you are teaching on a calm freshwater lake, in a pool fitness facility, or the unpredictable waters of the East China Sea, this book walks you through the tips and tricks you need to ensure that your students enjoy a fun, challenging, and safe SUP experience.

In clear and easy to understand language, Rick and Rebecca break down exactly how to perform over 75 asanas on a standup paddle board, including proper placement of the hands and feet, as well as options and modifications for each pose to accommodate all skill levels. Get Your Asana on the Water contains comprehensive chapters on all the topics you need to teach a successful SUP yoga session: Water Safety; Choosing the Right Equipment; Taking Care of Your Investment; Preparing for Your Class; Detailed Pose Descriptions; Sample Sequences, and more!


The Authors

Understanding that yoga on the water is a different beast than on dry land, Rick Burnett and Rebecca Cohen bring their experience and passion for yoga and SUP to Get Your Asana on the Water.  

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Book Features

- Unique quadrant cueing system

- Over 75 step-by-step pose descriptions with options and modifications

- High quality, full color photographs

- Sample class sequences to get you started

- Easy to understand weather condition and difficulty level indicators for each asana

- Comprehensive chapters on: Water Safety; Choosing the Right Equipment; Taking Care of Your Investment; Preparing for Your Class; and more!

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SUP Yoga with a Paddle

- An innovative approach to using your paddle as a prop to deepen your SUP yoga practice

- Detailed instructions on the hows and whys of including your stand up paddle as a prop in your practice and teachings